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Explore our list of LSAT resources that provide useful tips, tricks and other information about how to best approach this difficult test.

How to increase your LSAT score by 10 points

How to increase your LSAT score by 10 points

If you’re looking how to increase your LSAT score by 10 points or how to improve your performance on the LSAT, this article will cover some of the most effective ways.

How to improve in LSAT logic games

One of the most difficult sections is logic games. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can become a better test taker by mastering these tricky questions.

What are the best LSAT Prep Courses?

If you’re serious about preparing for the LSAT, you might have heard about various LSAT prep courses on the market. Read our in-depth LSAT prep course comparison guide to find out which one is for you.

How Much Law Stuff is Actually on the LSAT?

When people are studying for the LSAT, a common concern is how much legal stuff is actually on the test. Read on to find out how much legal content you’d be expected to know for the test.

How to avoid a bubbling error on the LSAT

Have you ever heard of a bubbling error on the LSAT? A bubbling error is when one or more answers are incorrectly filled in for an answer key. 

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