How to increase your LSAT score by 10 points

The LSAT is an important test that can help students get into law school. It’s also a difficult exam to prepare for, with many different strategies to consider. If you’re looking how to increase your LSAT score by 10 points or how to improve your performance on the LSAT, this article will cover some of the most effective ways.

A good starting point is understanding what section is the most challenging for you, and focusing on the types of questions that you get wrong. That being said, there are certain sections of the test that many students struggle with, and we’re going to cover those here. 

The first research-backed method of increasing your LSAT score is to study how to approach a logic game. This is a specific section on the LSAT that requires you to analyze diagrams and determine how certain rules can be applied. Logic games are considered one of the most difficult sections, so practicing how to tackle them will help boost your score for this part as well as other sections.

Many students who struggle with logic games find that it’s very helpful to work on how they approach this section in a group setting with other students. 

Either way, don’t be afraid to ask your instructors for help when it comes how to studying logic games- almost all of them will have experience tutoring and can give you insight into how the questions are asked and how best to solve each one. 

Another section that’s notoriously difficult is reading comprehension, so how to increase your score in this section is extremely important.

The best way how to read comprehensions effectively and understand the questions that follow each passage can be through carefully reading how others do it. Many students find success with taking notes while they’re reading- jot down key words or phrases about what you’ve read that will help you understand how to answer the questions. 

Also, writing down important details in each paragraph is a great way how to increase your score on this section. 

The more you know about what’s being read- the easier it’ll be how to make sure that every question gets answered correctly without getting stuck or confused during the test.

In conclusion, increasing your LSAT score by ten points is not easy- it takes dedication, practice, and troubleshooting. You should invest your time in different study tools, including LSAT prep books, tutors, and prep courses if you need extra help with increasing your score drastically. 

How to increase your LSAT score by 10 points

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