About Me

Hi, I'm Claire!

In 2015, I decided to embark on getting into law school. 

I felt really overwhelmed with where to start, and how to study for a test format I wasn’t used to, and how to navigate the whole process of getting into law school. 

I remember wishing that there was an accessible resource that could be a guiding light that I could earmark and refer to as needed.

That’s how LSAT Prep Hero was born.

I wanted to offer advice and insights from people that have been where you are and have accomplished what they set out to do. 

I wanted to offer honest reviews based on practical experience from people (myself included) who have invested in various LSAT prep courses and have trialed different study methods.

LSAT Prep Hero features articles, resources, and reviews from a variety of industry experts, law students, and lawyers.

I hope you find value in the content that I’ve put together. 

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