How to avoid a bubbling error on the LSAT

Have you ever heard of a bubbling error on the LSAT? A bubbling error is when one or more answers are incorrectly filled in for an answer key. This can happen if the test taker accidentally fills in an answer for what they think is question number 4, but it’s actually question number 3. How do you avoid these types of errors? Read our blog post to find out.

One tactic to avoid a bubbling error is to number the answer sheet yourself. This way you know exactly what number goes with each question. However, oftentimes it’s not that easy to do this on some LSATs because there is no room provided for numbering the test booklet or paper where one would write their answers.

Another tactic to avoid bubbling errors is to use a ruler to reference the question number as you fill in the answer bubble. If there is not a ruler provided for this purpose, test takers can always make their own out of paper and use that as a reference point while bubbling.

In the grand scheme of things, the best way to avoid making such a mistake is to stay calm and collected during the exam. This can only truly come after practicing adequately until you feel perfectly prepared. 

How to avoid a bubbling error on the LSAT

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