How Much Law Stuff is Actually on the LSAT?

When people are studying for the LSAT, a common concern is how much legal stuff is actually on the test.

According to accounts from people who have taken the test before, the LSATs don’t have questions about specific laws or legal jurisdictions.  Instead, the test has a lot of logic/conditional reasoning questions, in addition to reading comprehension testing. This seems to be how they measure the applicants’ ability to understand complex topics, draw conclusions, and analyze arguments.

Here is the breakdown of each of the sections:

Analytical Reasoning: One section, approximately 23 questions

Logical Reasoning: Two sections, approximately 25 questions each

Reading comprehension: One section, approximately 27 questions

Lastly, the LSAT has an unscored writing sample section. While this section does not contribute to your LSAT score, it will be sent to law schools upon admission as part of your application.

how much law stuff is actually on the lsat?

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