How to choose an LSAT prep course

Choosing the right LSAT prep course can be difficult. How do you know which one is best for you? How much should it cost? How long will it take to get ready for the test? What if you need more than one course – how many courses should I sign up for? These are all important questions that prospective students ask themselves before making a decision. Luckily, we have an answer! We’ve got a number of steps to help make your choice easier and send you on your way to passing this tough exam with flying colors.

The first thing to consider is your learning style. How do you best retain information? Do you learn better with a teacher, or by watching videos? Many LSAT prep courses offer both modes of teaching – in-person and online – but it’s important to know what works for you before committing to one format over another.

Next, think about your timeline. How much time are you willing to invest into an LSAT prep course? How much time will you be able to dedicate? How intense is your end goal – a 170 or a 175? The better schools will have more expensive courses because they’re backed by rigorous, proven curricula.

The third step in choosing the right LSAT prep course is to consider your budget. How much money are you able to invest? How many features does a given LSAT prep course offer for the price point they’re asking, and what is included with that price? LSAT prep courses typically cost between $200 and $1500. They typically differ in things like the number of hours spent studying, the quality of their course books and videos (which you can sometimes opt to purchase separately), any additional materials like flashcards or practice tests that are offered for sale, whether they offer individual tutoring sessions with instructors, etc.

Finally, consider your personality type as an indicator of which LSAT prep course will be best for you. If you’re a highly visual person, for example, then the course books from Kaplan or PowerScore above will be much more helpful to you than those from Testmasters. If feeling as if your instructor is rooting for you and cheering you on throughout your studies makes it feel like less of a chore to study every day, then courses with instructors who are engaging and upbeat will be more personally rewarding to you.

Last but not least, consider your specific needs. Are there certain concepts or question types on which you struggle most? Is it helpful if an instructor can accommodate those areas by providing additional practice or explanation? How important is it that your instructor be able to answer any questions you have about non-LSAT topics, such as the college application process and how best to take the LSAT under testing conditions?

In conclusion, deciding on the right LSAT prep course for you is an important decision that can impact your overall score. Making sure to utilize all of the above factors when deciding which courses are best for you will help ensure success.

How to choose an LSAT prep course

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