How many hours should I spend per day prepping for the LSAT?

The LSAT is a notoriously difficult exam to prepare for. The test has four sections: Reading, Analysis and Writing Skills (RAWS), Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and the Essay. In order to get the highest score possible, how many hours should you spend per day prepping? There are two schools of thought on how much time one should be spending studying each day in preparation for this exam.

– School of Thought 1: You should study 4 hours every day
– School of Thought 2: You should study 16 hours every week

The amount of time you should study for every day should also depend on when the exam is scheduled. If the exam is three months away or more, you can spend less time studying every day, and instead aim for a weekly schedule. If the exam is in a few weeks, you will need to consistently devote at least 4 hours per day to studying.

In total, the average student spends between 100 hours and 200 hours studying for the LSAT.

However, spending a large amount of time is not always necessary if you are utilizing effective study methods and learning how to make efficient use of your time. This brings us back to how much time should be devoted on a weekly basis. There really isn’t any specific rule that can tell how many hours you should aim for, but you should
stay consistent and on pace with your study schedule above anything else.

If you’re short on time and confidence,
consider investing in an LSAT prep course. Some of the benefits of such a course include having access to specialized study material, tried and tested study strategies, knowledgeable instructors, and 1 on 1 guidance.
Check out our thorough reviews of LSAT prep courses such as Alpha Score, Manhattan Prep, and Magoosh.

How many hours should I spend per day prepping for the LSAT?

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