How far in advance should I take an LSAT prep course?

Giving yourself as much time to study as possible can be a great way to help you get into law school, but how far in advance should you take an LSAT prep course? That’s what we will focus on today. We’ll break it down and talk about how taking an LSAT prep course too early or too late might affect your chances of getting into law school.

In this article, we’ll discuss how far in advance someone should take an LSAT prep course so that they give themselves the best chance of being admitted to their desired institution.

First, how early should you take an LSAT prep course? If you’re taking the LSAT in September or October of this year for a school that starts their applications in August 2022, then it’s too soon to sign up. You don’t want to be burnt out on studying by the time your application is due and have forgotten everything.

A lot of students will choose to start preparing for the LSAT in January or February of their junior year. This gives them about a full semester to study and potentially retake the test if they feel like they can score higher than what appears on paper.

Generally, you should begin studying for the LSAT as early as possible while still being able to maintain your life outside of law school. For best results, we recommend starting the preparation process no later than August of your junior year. This should give you enough time to study for the LSAT, take it in December or February, and start applying to law school as early as possible while still finishing up college with only one semester left.

How long should you study for the LSAT?

Ideally, you should study for at least six weeks ahead of taking the LSAT. Granted, that’s if you have the ability to study for at least 4 hours a day.  

If you have two months or more until the test, then it’s a good idea to start with about 10-20 hours of LSAT study time per week. This is a good option if your schedule is inconsistent and you can’t devote a time block to studying every day.

If you have three or more months until the test, you can aim for 10 hours of study time per week. This will allow you to mitigate the stress of a deadline and help you retain more information. 

When should you start studying for the LSAT?

The decision of how soon to start studying for the LSAT depends on how much time you have before the test. If you have a month or less, then take it seriously and get started right away.

If you need more than two months to study, but not too much time (6 months or more), you should consider how much time you can set aside for studying each week. Aim to put in at least two hours per day, five days a week or more if you have it available.

If you’re short on time but still need to get a high score, investing in an LSAT prep course would be incredibly advantageous for you. These courses are taught by experts that have experience tutoring hundreds of students, and the curriculum is designed to help you understand how to answer each type of question correctly and efficiently.

How far in advance should I take an lsat prep course
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