How long should I spend on each LSAT question?

If you’re thinking about how long to spend on each LSAT question, then this post is for you. The LSAT can be a difficult test, but it’s important that the time given is utilized as efficiently as possible so that your score will accurately reflect how well you know the material. This article will discuss how long to spend on every section and question of the exam.

The LSAT consists of 5 total sections: Reading Comprehension (RC), Logical Reasoning (LR x2), Analytical Reasoning (AR) or also known as Logic Games, and the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), also known as Essays.

The first four sections are graded between a scale of 120-180 with each question corresponding to one point. The fifth section is the essay which is scored on a scale of J-T/P, again not including fractional scores that may be given in some cases.

Since the test is timed, a common mistake people make is spending too much time on difficult questions. In most cases, spending a substantial amount of time is likely to provide no benefit as the question will not increase in difficulty even if it remains unsolved for more than two minutes (or the length of one minute).

At this point, test takers should either guess or move onto another question that they feel confident about.

A good rule of thumb is to spend about two minutes per question. If a section is difficult, it may be necessary to spend slightly less time on each individual question in order to complete the entire section within the allotted 35 minutes (or whatever length of time has been determined for that test).

In general, though, most students do not need more than two minutes on almost every LSAT problem.

how long should I spend on each LSAT question?

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