What college courses should I take to prep me for the LSAT?

The LSAT is a grueling, three-hour exam that requires the utmost endurance and perseverance. It’s also what many law schools use to determine what type of student they want in their program. The question on every potential law school applicant’s mind then becomes: what college courses should I take to prep me for the LSAT? If you’re looking for advice on what classes will best prepare you for this rigorous test, keep reading!

The LSAT tests reading comprehension, analytical reasoning skills, and logical thinking. In order to best prepare for these types of questions, it is recommended that you take classes in the humanities such as literature, philosophy, or history.

Specifically what courses should an LSAT student be taking? Below are a few suggestions from various students who’ve taken the test:

1) English courses (literature, composition)

English courses offer up a variety of reading comprehension sections that will help one prepare for the LSAT. While English courses may not be what you think about when considering how to study for this test, they are an excellent way to develop analytical reasoning skills and critical thinking.

2) Philosophy courses

Also helpful would be classes in philosophy. Philosophy courses focus on logic, argumentation, and critical thinking. They also teach you things like how to spot fallacies and what makes an argument valid. These skills will help you immensely when it comes time for the LSAT.

3) History

History helps develop reading comprehension skills that are crucial for the LSAT. The majority of what you read on the test is not what you would consider everyday conversation, so developing your ability to understand what is being said will be key in helping you get through this section of the exam.

Ultimately, college courses can lay the foundation for a lot of skills you’ll need to master for the LSAT, but they don’t prepare you for the test directly. Resources like online LSAT prep courses are a great way to get an expert to guide you through the preparation process while boosting your confidence in time for the test day.

What college courses should I take to prep me for the LSAT

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