How to improve your focus for the LSAT

As we all know, how well you do on the LSAT largely depends on how focused and prepared for it you are. The more time you spend studying and preparing, the better your chances of getting the score you were hoping for. 

But how can one improve their focus during an exam? There are many strategies that students use to stay focused while taking a test such as: having good posture, using positive self-talk, and maintaining a healthy diet. Let’s discuss some of the things you can do to improve your focus while taking the LSAT. 

The first tip to stay focused is to have good posture. Sitting up straight and keeping your back against the chair will help you stay alert and be able to focus on what is being written down on the test paper. It also helps open your airways so that you can breathe better which will reduce how stressed out one feels during a test situation

Another tactic that test-takers have found success in is to break up the test into sections. This way, you aren’t overwhelmed by how much time you have to complete it or how overwhelming each question may seem at first glance. It also gives your mind space before jumping down a rabbit hole of thinking about how many questions are left and how they need to go faster.

This can be done in two ways. The first is to schedule how many minutes per section you have and how long the breaks will be before, in between, or after each separate part of the test. This works well for students who are more visual learners because they can see how much time they have left on their paper rather than having to count it out in your head every few seconds. 

The second way is to set a timer for how long you have before, in between or after each section of the test. This works well if your mind tends to wander and by having something that will go off every few minutes it will bring you back into focus with what needs to be done next.

If possible, I recommend doing both of these things to set yourself up to stay focused.

Another strategy to improve your focus while taking the test is to go over the key words and how they relate to each other. This will prevent you from wasting time on a question or situation that doesn’t pertain to what is actually being asked.

When taking any test it’s important to know how long you have before, in between, and after sections of the exam so that your mind can stay focused on how much time you have left to get through the section.

Remember, having a clear mind will allow you to focus on what is actually being asked rather than how much time you are given. An exercise you can do to have a clearer mind and thus better focus is to take a few minutes to do some breathing exercises.

This can be done while you are waiting for the test or between sections and will help clear your mind of any distractions that may hamper how well you focus on what is actually being asked. 

In short, being able to have good focus during the LSAT is largely determined by your confidence in your preparation efforts, as well as your ability to keep calm while doing the test.


How to improve your focus for the LSAT

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