How to do well on the writing section of the LSAT

Do you want to do well on the writing section of the LSAT? Whether you are prepping for your first time taking it, or you’ve already taken the test and are looking to improve how they score, these tips will help get you ready!

1) Make sure that your essay has a clear and concise introduction

The introduction should give readers enough information about what argumentative stance your essay will take. It should also provide a brief overview of how you plan to defend this position. This way, when readers read through the rest of your paper, they will know exactly where you stand.

2) Use strong evidence from law journals and cases in order to support your argument

Using evidence that is directly related to the argumentative stance you’ve taken will allow readers to better understand how or why your position should be considered. If readers cannot see how what you are saying relates back to how it affects law, then they won’t know how important your argument truly is!

3) Make sure you spend a few minutes on the outline before you get to writing

As soon as you open up the prompt, take just a few minutes to jot down your thoughts and how it relates back to what you want out of your paper. Doing so will set the tone for how you fill in each part of the outline later on.

4) Practice this process while timing yourself

Look up the previous essay prompts and practice making the outline and writing the essay. Using a timer, write an essay in response to one of the prompts. Try to score yourself on how well you followed this process and how quickly you were able to finish the essay.

how to do well on the writing section of the LSAT
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