Can you have a digital watch for the LSAT?

Can you have a digital watch during the LSAT? The short answer is no. The LSAT can be taken with a traditional analog watch, and all watches must be silent. If you are wearing any jewelry, it can’t make noise either. This means that your wristwatch can’t have any bells or whistles on it – including an alarm clock.

Can you bring a timer to the LSAT?

Timers of any kind, such as digital watches, calculator watches, chronograph watches (digital or nondigital) are not allowed.

Is there a timer on the digital LSAT?

Yes. The timer will be in the upper right corner, and you may tap it to hide the timer so that it isn’t staring you in the face. You won’t be able to hide throughout the final 5 minutes, so keep track of how much time you have left.

Can you have a digital watch for the LSAT

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