Alpha Score LSAT Review

An in-depth analysis of the Alpha Score LSAT prep course

Alpha Score is a small player in the LSAT test prep market, providing online-only content and price points that are lower than most competitors. That does not, however, imply that their course is lacking in any way.

So, how does Alpha Score compare to the industry giants? We went through this training’s coursework, user experience, and other characteristics in-depth and formulated our review.

Alpha Score LSAT Prep


  • Greg, the head instructor, is a very engaging speaker who explains complex subjects in an understandable manner.
  • Great value among LSAT prep courses in terms of price.
  • You can sign up for a trial to test out the course before committing to it. 
  • Alpha Score LSAT allows you to speed up or slow down lectures. Depending on your study style, this has advantages.
  • Course access lasts for 12 months, meaning you have adequate time to prep while juggling other priorities.


  • Video tutorials from this provider were lower in terms of overall production quality than other LSAT prep courses out there.
  • The user experience of Alpha Score’s online platform is a bit simplistic.

Alpha Score’s Lesson and Coursework Quality

The Alpha Score online program is exclusively available online, with the main marketing pitch being that students may study from anywhere and at any time. The beauty of the program is that it’s simple to use. Students may start and stop whenever they please, on whatever device is most convenient for them, and simply resume where they left off. As a result, much of the value of their product depends on its online content, which includes video lectures, practice problem sets, and answer explanations.

The Alpha Score course curriculum is divided into three categories, each of which focuses on a distinct portion of the LSAT:


  • Logic Games (Analytical Reasoning)
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension

The lessons are divided into two categories: questions and concepts, which are used to divide the topics covered in each section. These modules include video classes followed by a quiz, with periodic PDF downloads of cheat sheets, practice problems, and solutions in between. The structure follows a logical, easy-to-understand path.

Over 50 hours of highly relevant video instruction is included in the Alpha Score course. The video lessons, in a nutshell, are informative but not perfect. The primary instructor, Greg, who leads the majority of the video lessons, is a fantastic communicator who breaks down complicated topics with ease. He effectively explains complex ideas and presents easy-to-use approaches to approach every type of question.

While the instructional material is good, the technology behind the interface, particularly compared to some rivals such as Blueprint LSAT and Manhattan Prep, is not. The animations don’t compare particularly well. The instructor appears on a green screen with very basic text and diagrams popping up around him to explain the topic.

If you just want the basic information without all of the frills, Alpha Score is ideal for you. But if you prefer high-end digital whiteboards and a cutting-edge user experience, there are other options you should probably consider.

Beyond the video lectures, the quizzes and assignments that are there to reinforce what you’ve learned are, in our opinion, quite useful. Again, they lack the frills of other test preparation companies, but the information is sound. The quizzes are on point and do a nice job of solidifying the ideas you’ve just covered.

The explanations for practice problems are particularly thorough and comprehensive, going through each correct and incorrect answer choice with on-screen notes to demonstrate the logic. The assignments also use only official LSAT questions from LSAC (Law School Admission Council). That isn’t anything new in the LSAT test preparation market today, but it does offer high-quality, relevant practice problems.

Overall, my assessment of the curriculum is that it is above-average content presented in a below-average manner. However, when considering a value course, I believe the quality of the actual information is most essential.

Alpha Score LSAT Pricing

Alpha Score is one of the top value prep courses for the LSAT test preparation market. It’s another one of their selling features, much like it is with Magoosh. The Complete Course from them costs around $400, which is an excellent deal. If the Complete Course isn’t enough, you may upgrade to their Premium Course for around $800, which comes with additional materials.

The number of practice tests and questions accessible is the only difference between the two plans. The Premium Course includes an additional 51 official LSAT exams as well as 5,000 additional practice questions. So, if you’re a student that learns best by doing and requires a lot of practice problems and examinations, the Premium is definitely worth considering. It’s still a bargain at about $790.

Alpha Score LSAT Prep Course Coupon

Use the coupon code lsatprephero10 to get 10% off the Alpha Score LSAT prep course. There is also a 30-day free trial if you want to test out the Alpha Score LSAT review course before committing to it.  

Alpha Score’s Practice Tests

Despite being a low-cost course in the LSAT test preparation market, Alpha Score provides its students with an adequate number of practice tests. The Complete Course includes 10 official LSATs, whereas the Premium Course delivers access to 61 official past LSATs.

This number of practice tests is more than enough based on other courses like LSATMax and Manhattan Prep. Even if you’re a student who likes to take a large number of practice exams, you’ll never use up all 61 Alpha Score has to offer.

To be clear, these are actual LSATs that have been previously given by LSAC. These tests were formulated by the creators of the LSAT and allow you to get a sense for what the real test will be like.

Dashboard and User Interface

As previously said in this review, the Alpha Score user experience is underwhelming. The dashboard is rather simple, and the technology is out of date. The videos, on the other hand, reminded me of a local TV commercial – the quality is somewhat fuzzy and the graphics look like they were made by a kid at the local junior college. But while that’s true, the rest of the interface isn’t bad.

The upper left corner of the screen has a helpful progress bar to indicate how much of the section you’ve completed, and lesson modules are laid out in a very easy-to-follow linear pattern down the left side of the screen. You simply go through one video and assignment at a time, ticking items off as you go.

In short, if you’re interested in the Alpha Score course, it’s not because it offers a snappy and modern user experience; it’s because it’s cheap, has good instruction, and includes useful assignments and exercises.

Are There Hardcopy Textbooks?

Alpha Score does not employ hard copy textbooks as the main component of its coursework, unlike certain other LSAT prep programs. Rather than providing books, they provide downloadable PDFs as their primary written material. These PDFs complement and track with video lessons and digital content. They contain lesson notes, practice questions, and drill problems.

We felt the PDFs were a welcome addition to the online material in terms of substance. They were somewhat out-of-date and grainy (not unlike the videos), but analytically, they were on target. The solutions and drills found within the PDFs are practical, as well as the notes.

The Alpha Score LSAT Prep Course is Online Only

Alpha Score does not offer in-person classes as a way to keep the prices low. That’s right, no bricks and mortar – everything is on-demand and only a click away online instead.

It all depends on your individual personality and how well it fits you. If you want a rigorous program that will hold you accountable for studying or learning better in the classroom with a live instructor, Alpha Score might not be right for you.

Alpha Score may be your jam for individuals who adore the freedom to learn from any location (or wherever there is a wifi connection) and at any time of day. Use any device you want – even swap phones – and Alpha Score will keep track of your progress effortlessly.

Additional Resources

However, despite the fact that Alpha Score is a value course, it does have certain advantages over bigger competitors. The opportunity to interact with instructors is by far the most essential of these additional resources. You can email their instructors at any time and receive an answer within 48 hours if you have a question.

The virtual proctor is another useful tool, though it isn’t unique to Alpha Score. Alpha Score provides a digital proctor as well as a timekeeper and administrator for practice tests under exam-like conditions. This was a fantastic tool that we discovered to be very valuable for simulating real test situations.

The last thing worth noting is their study schedule. Alpha Score provides a sample LSAT study plan to help you organize your studies and get through all of the information in a timely manner. This study plan was not as personalized or helpful as others we’ve seen, but it does fine on its own terms when it comes to assistance.

Private Tutoring with Alpha Score

Alpha Score does not offer private tutoring on its own website, although it does claim to provide private tutoring. Although we did not hire extra 1-on-1 private study with Alpha Score, we would anticipate it to be of excellent quality.

Given their lack of in-person sessions and their instructors’ extensive experience teaching the LSAT, you’ll undoubtedly receive some excellent tutoring that is in keeping with the coursework. Other large test prep businesses have a lot of instructors, and the message from one teacher may differ from what the student learns in class at Alpha Score – but it would not be the case with Alpha Score.

Length of Access to Online Content

12-month memberships are included with both the Complete and Premium Alpha Score LSAT review courses, allowing you to access their materials for a whole 12 months. 

Is There a Mobile App?

There is no Alpha Score app available for your Android or iOS devices.

Is there a Test Score Increase Guarantee?

There is no assurance of a higher score money-back guarantee available with the Alpha Score LSAT course. This is unusual, as most other test preparation companies give some form of confidence that you will improve your score.

What is the Refund Policy?

Alpha Score doesn’t give refunds, but they do provide you a free one-month membership. The 30-day free trial gives you 125 sample questions, a real LSAT exam, and three video lessons with instructions to give you a better feel for the course.

Alpha Score LSAT Review Summary

If you need a no-frills, inexpensively priced online-only course, Alpha Score may be the one. Their video lessons are missing in technology, and the user experience is as basic as it gets, but the substance is there.

Primary instructor Greg explains difficult topics and problem types with ease, delivering them to you in easy-to-understand bursts of information.

The explanatory videos, practice questions (real LSAT questions), and solutions are all available online via a digital platform that you may access from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Alpha Score isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a high-end course with classroom instruction and fancy video lessons, it’s doubtful that Alpha Score is the best option. However, if you want solid instruction with practical advice and several thousand practice problems organized in an online-only format, Alpha Score may be ideal for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Alpha Score LSAT prep course cost?

Both the Standard and Premium courses are available on the Alpha Score website. The Basic Course is offered at $390, while the Advanced Course costs around $790.

Is Alpha Score All Online?

Yes. There are no classes or hard copies of textbooks with Alpha Score’s program. Access to the course is completely digital, with no paper components.

Does Alpha Score have a Mobile App?

No. Despite the fact that Alpha Score is entirely digital, it does not have a smartphone app. You can access your Alpha Score material from any device, though.

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